Malebasics Briefs: For The Win And For The Gym

Malebasics launched two stunning collections over the past year, both made from a moisture-wicking blend of nylon and lycra, and both made with distinctly unique styles. No matter your go-to look at the gym, the Neon Collection and Camo Collection arrived to help you look better doing it. But we personally think the new Malebasics briefs help you do it best. Whether you go for something masculine and militant, or something bright and energetic, these hip briefs are what we’d save for our best gym sessions. Or for date night. Or the daily grind. Or when looking to impress model Shawn Alexander.

Shawn’s got a lean and toned body you just know was sculpted at the gym. He’d be our gym crush, if we had caught him in the locker room instead of outside, hanging on to a chain link fence and doing pull-ups from a electric post. But as it is, he’s our side-of-the-road, off-the-beaten-path crush. He models two Malebasics briefs for us: the Camo Performance Hip Brief, and the Neon Brief in fuchsia. The pairs cover each end of the spectrum when it comes to Malebasics’ 2015 lineup. If only moisture-wicking material could stop our mouths from watering.

The Neon Brief is more flirty than the Camo Performance Hip Brief, and one of the best uses of neon you’ll find in the men’s underwear market. The pink is used to accent a black brief – one of The Underwear Expert’s favorite color combos – and brings all the attention to Shawn’s package. We’d look there anyway, but the neon color all but forces us to. And the contouring seam supports Shawn’s junk, as well as our desire to stare.

The Camo Performace Hip Brief is the more subtle of the two Malebasics briefs Shawn models, and wraps him entirely in a fashionable version of a camouflage print. Making it even more masculine is bold lettering along the waistband. That being said, there’s no missing the fashion-forward print and cut of the underwear. It’s designed with high-cut legs to allow for a better, more comfortable range of motion. Of course, either of these two Malebasics briefs is a move in the right direction.

Which of the two featured Malebasics briefs would you sport at the gym? Or would you wear them as a sexier option for everyday underwear? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Malebasics

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Shawn Alexander

Products Supplied by Malebasics


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