JockUp Kickstarter: For the Active Man

JockUP Kickstarter

We always get excited here at the Underwear Expert when it comes to new brands on the horizon – and JockUp is definitely a new brand worth getting exciting over. Proudly made in California, JockUp is created with the active man in mind. JockUp creates underwear that is conducive for performance and looks. Built for a man who has strength to push hard and play hard. Each pair of JockUp underwear features clean, confident lines and details. Each product is meticulously manufactured with moisture wicking fabrics, a sturdy construction and a boosted, contoured, double-layered pouch.

Matthew, the creator of JockUp, has launched a JockUp Kickstarter to produce and market JockUp’s first production run. With every contribution to the JockUp Kickstarter, you have the chance to win some pretty swank prizes, from underwear, to a trip to LA to attend a model photo shoot with the JockUp models and Matthew himself. Matthew started from scratch with basically a name and the general idea to create masculine underwear that he would like to wear. He wanted to a create an underwear that accommodated his active lifestyle – inspired by his love for all the various outdoor activities that California has to offer. The brand makes sure that their underwear has an elastic band that feels good against a man’s skin, that the fabric holds its shape while wicking moisture when sweating, that the cut of the pouch is comfortable, yet still provides support, and of course, they make sure that each pair looks good and accentuates the male form.

Are you ready for what the JockUp Kickstarter has to offer? What prizes are you most looking forward to getting with the JockUp Kickstarter? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert

For more information on the JockUp Kickstarter: JockUp Kickstarter

For more information on the brand: JockUp

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  1. brent says:

    Big fan of Matt’s JockUp project. However, with a Kickstarter campaign you don’t actually have a chance to “win” any of the items pledged. You are guaranteed items based on your contribution (if the project is fully funded). 🙂

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