Exclusive: HardCiderNY Swimwear Shoot

HardCiderNY Swimwear

The Underwear Expert is determined to keep summer alive as long as possible, and this sizzling photoshoot from HardCiderNY by Menelik Puryear is all the help we need. This HardCiderNY swimwear shoot takes model Casey Field to the beach with four pairs of swimwear – a Mr. Turk square-cut trunk, Club Monaco shorts, a Rufskin swim brief and a Rufskin square-cut. No matter your ideal get-wet wear, Casey tries it on. Thanks to his underwear model body, he looks good in every one.

HardCiderNY’s photoshoot is equal parts artsy and lust-inducing. Maybe it’s Casey’s muscles, maybe it’s the way the light brings them extra definition. Whether you prefer skimpy swim briefs or something more modest, men’s swimwear is always about accentuating the male form. And while this tends to come in the form of something body-hugging, HardCiderNY’s shoot proves this isn’t always the case. Just look at Club Monaco’s swim shorts.

The swim shorts fit loose enough to leave room for the imagination, yet don’t hide Casey’s physique behind excess fabric. Their length is just short enough to show off his muscular legs, and long enough to leave us wanting to see his thighs. That’s where the other featured swim looks come in.

No matter the style, each pair of swimwear Casey models has a masculine aesthetic. Even Rufskin’s fiercely skimpy Disco swimwear – which, we admit, is closer to a bikini – has a masculine edge thanks to its metal clasps.

Square-cut swim trunks are the happy medium of men’s swimwear. They’re full-coverage and form-fitting, yet not the most flashy swim style available. Sure some men may still find them a more flamboyant option, but it all comes down to the design – solid, printed, etc. – and the confidence with which they’re worn.

What do you think of The Underwear Expert’s exclusive swimwear shoot by HardCiderNY? Do you brief the swim briefs, square-cuts, or the shorts? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: Club Monaco, Mr. Turk, Rufskin

Photo Credit: HardCiderNY

Model: Casey Field



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