Editor’s Pick: Levi’s

Editor's Pick: Levi's

Editor’s Pick: Levi’s 200 Series Brief – Black

Why We Love It: You can never have too many black briefs in your underwear drawer, and you especially can’t have too many black briefs with a little flash. The Underwear Expert believes the black brief is the single most valuable style of underwear any man can have, and when that brief has a little pizzazz, it can go even further. Our ideal black brief can work as a handsome pair for the daily grind, and double as a safe bet for date night. You want to look good, sexy even, without being too assuming. The Levi’s 200 Series Brief in Black manages this exceptionally well. Not just because of the slick red batwing Levi’s logo on the center front, but the classic Americana vibe it gives the underwear. Plus, you can’t go wrong with the edgy pop of red against black.

Why It’s Our Editor’s Pick: Levi’s makes a lot of attractive, masculine pairs of underwear. Some of them might even appeal to more rugged or fashionable aesthetics, like the 300 Series Brief with its belt loop design on the waistband. But even that might be too much design and flash for some. The Levi’s 200 Series Brief is just as stylish, but in a more classic way. The denim detailing of Levi’s underwear creates an homage to the brand’s iconic design elements without being overt. With the Levi’s 200 Series of underwear, we see the same universal appeal as Levi’s denim, but in a black brief design we can’t get enough of. The red chain-stitch detail on the rear echoes the brand’s denim again, and adds a unique flair to this pair.

How We’d Wear It: With a pair of Levi’s denim of course! Either a light wash pair like the one Matt Williams wears with his Levi’s underwear in the photoshoot below, or a darker shade of blue. We’d even go with a grey pair of jeans to compliment the black underwear in a darker way. After that we’d go for a timeless, classic look. Think James Dean, but a little less laid-back. A plain white tee and a leather jacket. Maybe a button-down that’s not too dressy, as it might clash with our denim. Aviator sunglasses. Play up the 200 Series Brief’s edgy touches or classic design, and you’ll never go wrong.

Other Favorites: Levi’s 200 Series Trunk – Pummice Stone, Levi’s 300 Series Brief – Black

For more information on this brand: Levi’s

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Matthew Williams, Two Model Management

Products Supplied by Levi’s


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