Be Dangerously Sexy With BodyAware Black Widow Thong and Brief

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BodyAware is constantly pushing the creativity envelope with their innovative designs and unique collections. From satin to lace materials and neon to mosaic color schemes, one can always find something fresh and exciting in their underwear lineup. With their latest collection, BodyAware remains consistent with their original creations with the BodyAware Black Widow Thong and Brief. The Black Widow collection draws inspiration from the dangerously sexy spider, incorporating a black web-like mesh which covers both the buttocks and frontal area – just in time to inspire some equally-as-sexy costumes for Halloween! These all-black, mesh pieces are seductive, sexy, and full of support.

The dangerously sexy and alluring Black Widow Brief captures and holds your package in a snug, yet comfortable grip. The all-black brief features a lightweight spiderweb mesh and a 1.5″ wide elastic waistband, with a comfortable full back. The front pouch has a center seam and is shaped and contoured for the best fit possible. The BodyAware logo sits proudly on the front. The 90% nylon, 10% spandex composition gives this brief a perfect body forming fit.

The equally-as-dangerous and equally-as-sexy BodyAware Black Widow Thong also features the same snug, yet comfortable grip for your package. With all of the same support features of the brief, this thong differs in its sexy, thong back. With just a little bit of mesh “spider-web” covering your rear, you’ll have everyone begging to be caught in your net.

What do you think of the BodyAware Black Widow Thong and Brief? Does the Black Widow theme help inspire this year’s Halloween costume? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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