Be Distinct And Fresh In The New Croota Seamless Boxer Brief

Some men wear underwear and some men wear Croota; the thing that separates the two is creativity. Croota designs are known for their innovative styles, distinct colors and original patterns. The Croota Seamless Boxer Brief now comes in 5 more great styles: Aurora, Hard Touch, Mountain & Steam, Foggy Princess Hwy. and Dirty Hipster. Each ingenious style incorporates all of the inventive aspects of Croota and takes it all one step further.

The Croota Seamless Boxer Brief is a unique underwear that has a stretchable fit for a true 2nd skin feeling, making your underwear experience effortless and light. The feel of the seamless boxer brief designs gives you the same sexy and free feeling of going commando but with the security and comfort of a durable fabric. Made from 54% polyester, 35% nylon and 11% elastane, the Croota Seamless Boxer Brief is not only aesthetically beautiful, but it’s also light and breathable. The feel of the Croota Seamless Boxer Brief plus the aesthetic of Croota’s avant-garde style and design creates one of the most special underwear experiences a man can encounter.

Cut from a breathable and super smooth material, each design embodies a bit of fantasy and adventure. Filled with gradient designs, vibrant colors and radical patterns, these seamless boxer brief designs prove why Croota is the pioneer in eccentric and comfortable underwear.

What did you think of our the innovative and unique Croota designs? Do you prefer your boxer briefs to have personality? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

Available in sizes: S – M, L – XL

For more information on this brand: Croota

Photo Credit: Croota

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