Come Out of the Closet With Marek+Richard

Out of the Closet

Marek+Richard have set the bar high for fun and playful campaigns that always have everyone wondering what will come next for this energetic brand. Past campaigns have never strayed away from being creative and fun, like their Valentine’s Day campaign this past year. The Out of the Closet campaign is fun, creative, and definitely a little bit flirty.

Throughout the photos we see a bold use of orange and blue, which are both present in the new styles as well. Marek+Richard create a scene unlike any other. This twist on a childhood encounter with a closet monster turns your worst nightmare into a fun, playful experience. Marek+Richard has captured the essence of facing your childhood fears and embracing them in this campaign. The blue three eyed monster grabs at the Marek+Richard models holding on to them in ways you wouldn’t have imagined in your childhood. The orange and blue bold colors highlight the little specs of pink, green, and black seen throughout each photo.

The Out of the Closet collection features a diverse group of styles that will cover all of your needs. These styles feature bright colors and unique designs that will have you standing out in any crowd. Featuring six crop top styles with bold lettering and different lengths that show off different amounts of your abs. One style is just a monster with teeth decorating the bottom of the crop top. If you’re more of a low arm tank kind of guy this collection features three style each in different colors and with different seductive statements right across the chest. Match these styles up with the runner shorts, some of which are made out of see through mesh, fuzzy fabric, or leopard print. Show off your booty in the Monster Face Open Back Brief. This style features a monster mouth open right over your booty, leaving you exposed and feeling breezy. If you’re feeling a little more modest check out the Out of the Closet Mesh Trunk and the Out of the Closet Mesh Brief. Both styles feature mesh cut outs so you can show off some skin will keeping some things hidden. Both styles are available in neon blue/orange and neon pink/green. Check out this campaign to view more styles that will have you looking playful and sexy.

Which style do you like the best in the Out of the Closet Collection? Do you think you would like cuddling with a blue monster? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Marek + Richard

Photo Credit: Marek + Richard


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