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Just about any pair of underwear worth their salt is designed with a contouring seam on the pouch that gives your package some visible definition, and not to mention, a flattering amount of enhancement. But, as most of us know, when the time comes for your big underwear reveal, it’s not always about what’s down in front. Sometimes it’s about what you’ve got around back. And while most brands work to dramatize your profile “down there,” only a select few work to dramatize your derrière.

In this installment of “Ask The Expert,” we answer the prayers of men who need more junk in the trunk, rather than enhanced junk in front. Nothing turns heads quite like a nicely shaped bubble butt. Wear these underwear, and you aren’t asking for a double take – you’re practically demanding.

Julien from Aix en Provence, France – I’ve been trying to find underwear with butt enhancers but haven’t been able to find anything. Can you let me and others know what brands make this? It’s true what they say, beauty fades, and us older men lose the shape of our rears. It also leaves our jeans fitting saggy and unflattering. I’m sure there must be underwear out there to give us our butts back!

The Underwear Expert – Well Julien, you’re right on all counts. You aren’t the first man to ask us about butt enhancing underwear, but hopefully you’ll be the last. There are a few underwear brands that give you 360º of enhanced definition rather than the front 180º. Most of the time, this is done with a little padding on the rear, but once you see yourself in them, you’ll see that little padding makes a big difference.

Andrew Christian FlashLIFT – The Andrew Christian FlashLIFT feature gives your backside asset a lift anywhere between one half and one full inch. The padding is invisible under clothes, and ever so slightly gives your butt a boost. The current FlashLIFT looks also fall into the Trophy Boy Collection – which in case you forgot, also has an insanely flattering pouch design.

D.Hedral Gigolo Joe II – D.Hedral’s Gigolo Joe II briefs and boxers work as butt-enhancing underwear, thanks to a Y-shaped thermotape design on their rear. Where other brands simply enhance your butt with padding, D.Hedral makes their secret butt-enhancing weapons actually look good and sporty! It gives whatever ass you have an irresistible amount of definition.

Rounderbum Lift Tech and Padded Tech Rounderbum is the first brand The Underwear Expert thinks of when pondering butt-enhancing underwear. Butt-enhancing is built into the name! Rounderbum has two lines of butt-enhancing underwear using either their Lift Tech or Padded Tech designs. The Lift Tech underwear is for guys who want to enhance what they’ve got, and it does it with a hidden band. The Padded Tech underwear is for guys who need a little more help. It’s entirely undetectable under your clothes, looks natural, and will have your favorite pair of jeans fitting the way they should.

What do you think of this butt-enhancing underwear? Which of these styles is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.


For more information on these brands: Andrew Christian, D.Hedral, Rounderbum

Photo Credit: Andrew Christian, D.Hedral, Rounderbum


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