Ask The Expert: The Best Moisture Wicking Underwear

The Best Moisture Wicking Underwear

Moisture wicking is a term we hear a lot lately, but some of us might not be sure what it means. And if some of us are unsure of its meaning, then there are definitely some of us out there who don’t know which top brands provide it.

Moisture wicking fabric is a type of fabric that is used in workout clothing, sportswear, and of course, underwear. The material is designed to pull moisture away from the skin, so the fabric draws sweat and perspiration off of the skin and out to the exterior of the fabric. This makes it easier for the moisture to evaporate. More and more people are buying workout clothes with moisture wicking fabric in order to achieve optimal results from their workout.

People are also starting to purchase underwear made from moisture wicking fabric, to remain comfortable and cool throughout their daily routine. For us New Yorkers, sometimes a trip through the subway system can be enough to induce a sweat storm. Moisture wicking fabrics dry much faster than conventional cotton underwear and reduce the risk of dramatic swings in body temperature.

Tim from Franklin Lakes, NJ – Hey Underwear Expert. I’ve been hearing a lot about “moisture wicking” lately, and I’m not exactly sure if it’s worth my money. I lead a pretty active lifestyle and like to maintain a pretty regular gym routine. Do you think a moisture wicking underwear would benefit my lifestyle? If so, what are the best brands out there that feature it? Thanks.

The Underwear Expert – Hey Tim, first off kudos on the healthy lifestyle. Secondly, underwear brands that incorporate wicking properties into their design are definitely worth your money! Not just for the gym, or any type of work out, but the best moisture wicking underwear can also help in your day-to-day routine. There are a lot of brands out there, but we’ve narrowed down three for you. These brands not only aid to your active lifestyle due to moisture wicking components, but they also feature many other intricate details that promote comfort for everyday wear.

One underwear brand known for catering to the active man’s lifestyle is Shrine Boxers. Aside from incorporating moisture-wicking, the boxers and briefs are also lightweight, breathable, and durable. Shrine is a top three contender for “best moisture wicking underwear” because they don’t stop there in aiding to your workout. The waistband is soft and tagless, so it stays put. Shrine Boxers and Boxer Briefs also feature a crotch gusset to maximize mobility and keep your legs in place. The micro-mesh fibers that Shrine incorporates create a lightweight, naturally anti-bacterial boxer. The underwear is also cut in a way so that there are no more wedgies, chaffing, or riding up on the legs – and a comfort pouch to keep your boys in place when you need a little extra support.

A second brand highly recommended as “the best moisture wicking underwear” would have to be Obviously underwear. The Spectra Naked Boxer not only provides moisture wicking, it also eliminates sticking to the inside of your legs, as well as eliminating squashing – so you will never again feel jammed down the front of your pants. They eliminate chafing when walking, running or cycling, and eliminate sweating and reduce the likelihood of fungal infections, illness, and odors. Lastly, Obviously Spectra Naked Boxer eliminates the need to readjust yourself throughout the day. A perfect boxer for the active man.

Last but not least, we would recommend Wood underwear as our final pick for “the best moisture wicking underwear.” Not only does the Wood Trunk have wicking properties, it also performs well for even the longest day and washes up easily. You can’t help but feel great in these trunk style briefs. Better yet, you’ll look amazing too. The Wood Trunk features a gusset design and has a comfortable, non-binding waistband. The fabric is plush against skin and combed for softness. Made from super soft Lenzing Modal, this fabric is ultra-comfortable.

Do you have trouble finding the best moisture wicking underwear? How has moisture wicking benefited your daily routine? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert

For more information on these brands: ShrineObviouslyWood

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