The Anticipation of the Betones Suspense7 Collection is Killing Us!

Betones Suspense7 Collection

The Betones Suspense7 Collection is sure to draw in many anime fans with its colorful anime-inspired prints. These three different styles, using minimal stitching, all highlight different anime characters: purple shows Little Match girl, Orange shows Peach Boy and pink highlights Rapunzel. The Betones Suspense7 Collection is fun and fashionable, and we can easily see ourselves – or someone else – in it.

These styles in the Betones Suspense7 Collection are easy-fitting and contour to your body. The use of moisture wicking materials with high elasticity give a man a pretty wide range of motion with every wear, making it perfect for the gym or while out on a run. You feel so at ease that you forget that you are wearing the underwear at all.

The Betones Suspense7 Collection doesn’t have a front pouch, but the stretch material allows for a lot of comfort. The illustrations are set on the back of the underwear with thin horizontal lines extending from one side of the design all the way around to the opposite side. The Match Girl style and The Rapunzel style both have graphics on the right hip, whereas the Peach Boy style has graphics on the left hip. But our favorite part may just be the graphics on the underwear’s bum. They are totally sexy and draw your eye to the well-defined junk in your trunk – all the while making the fuss your booty truly deserves! It brings us back to our days of reading anime fan fic (“fic” is short for “fiction,” for the uninitiated) and crushing on the guy (or girl) of our dreams – or at least, as far as our dreams stretched in high school.

All styles in this collection come in a one size waist: 73 – 88 cm / 29 – 34 inches.

Are you an avid anime fan excited about the Betones Suspense7 Collection? Which character is your favorite of the bunch? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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