About The Brand: Wood

About The Brand: Wood

Wood Underwear has been keeping men comfortable and making everyone smirk since it was founded in 2012 by Terresa Zimmerman. The brand is named after Terresa’s love of the outdoors, but also serves as a purposeful double entendre that hints at the brand’s playful and slightly irreverent approach to men’s fashion. Guys across the country know Wood is good. And thanks to the brand’s increasing popularity, Wood continues to grow.

Wood Underwear is based in California where Terresa also works as the brand’s creative director. She has been sticking to two design principles during the course of Wood’s run: “It’s got to look good. It’s got to feel good.” The brand’s fun sense of style makes it into the mix too. The results are stylish pairs of underwear even the most fashion-unconscious can get on board with, no matter how classic or playful the design.

Wood is unique in that their underwear comes in five distinct styles. The brand offers both a hip brief and a wider classic brief, as well as a trunk, boxer brief, and biker brief. The generous variety of silhouettes provides every man with the option to choose an amount of coverage he’s comfortable with, but also fit the occasion and the style of the outerwear he’s sporting over it. The Hip Brief is their most revealing option with its narrow, modern cut. The Biker Brief serves as a long underwear option. It stops just above the knee, and can even serve as a base layer during your workout.

All of Wood’s underwear is made from super soft Lenzing tencel blend fabrics. Derived from tree cellulose (so there’s actually wood in your Wood – one way or the other.) It gives the brand’s underwear moisture wicking, some thermo-control and microbial (odor) control properties – in addition to a plush and snug fit. Wood Underwear also offers V-neck and crew neck shirts as well as a full loungewear collection.

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  1. Calvin M. says:

    I’ve been a customer for several years and have purchased trunks as well as the V-Neck T-Shirts (which you failed to mention). The material is soft yet durable. Very comfortable and come in a variety of colors. I really like them….calvin

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