Ab Workouts, Meet Low-Rise Performance Underwear

ab workouts

Six pack abs are the definitive vanity muscle. Men and women alike find them hard to resist, and when it’s time for a quick workout, there’s still time to refine your abdominal definition. These three ab workouts can be done anywhere and target all six of yours by requiring a broader range of motion. Compared to other basic ab workouts like crunches, these three moves get you the full six as opposed to four. Of course, people say “abs are made in the kitchen” for a reason.

We pair our three ab workouts with some of our favorite performance underwear collections. The workouts will make you feel good, and the underwear will have you looking good doing it, and show of all your hard work. Earn your abs and get some style points at the same time.

Medicine Ball Twists + 2(X)IST Speed 2.0


Take a medicine ball that isn’t too heavy, and position yourself on a mat. Lift your legs off the ground – almost like you’re going to perform V sit-ups. Instead, hold the medicine ball in front of you and twist until you touch the ball on the ground. Keep your abs tight and twist at a steady, controlled pace. Your medicine ball should be heavy, but not too heavy so that your abs don’t do most of the work.

Body Weight Squat + Tommy John Cool Cotton


Position your feet at shoulder-width apart and bend your knees just enough, so that they aren’t buckled. Cross your arms over your chest and make sure both feet are pointing the same direction. From that position, squat as you normally would.

Hanging Leg Raises + Malebasics Digital Camo


The proper hanging position for leg raises has your arms extended or resting on arm pads with your pelvis rolled backward, but only slightly. The key is to focus on your hips; then, lift your legs to at least a 90º angle. Breathe normally through controlled reps.

What ab workouts have proven effective for you? Have any of our featured performance underwear collections proven themselves to you at the gym? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: 2(X)IST, Malebasics, Tommy John

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