4 Reasons We Still Love Blackspade’s Mood Collection

Still Love Blackspade's Mood

Blackspade is known for having collections that are as functional as they are stylish, and the Mood Collection is no exception. Check out these 4 reasons why we still love Blackspade’s Mood Collection.

1. The Mood boxer is so comfortable and stretchy, and yet it still doesn’t lack in the style department. The solid colors with a wide logo waistband look sleek and poised. Whether you’re wearing a pair to the gym in the morning or to the club for a night out, you will be looking good.


Love Blackspade's Mood 1


2. All Blackspade styles are made out of organic fabrics. If you check out their backstory, they decided to use the fig leaf as their logo because in the biblical tradition, Adam and Eve used the fig leaf to cover up their nudity; it was a simple solution. In invoking the fig leaf, Blackspade emphasizes their goal: to deliver underwear styles that are natural and simple.


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3. With the Mood collection comes a great selection of styles, so whether you’re a guy who prefers the support of a brief or one who likes the more relaxed feel of a boxer brief, the Mood collection has you covered. For guys looking for top options as well, the Mood collection also features a v-neck style and a tank.


Love Blackspade's Mood 3


4. The Mood collection is available in three colors, so you’ll be able to color-coordinate your underwear with the type of activity you will be doing. Since white is a classic color, you can wear the white style to work; the stone will look great at the gym; and the black is the perfect choice for a night out at a bar or club.

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How much do you love Blackspade’s Mood Collection? Which is your favorite style in the Mood Collection? Let us know in the comments below or send us a tweet at @underwearexpert.

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