Underwear 101: Jockstrap

This week in “Underwear 101″ Style Reporter Jared North is giving you the low down on Jockstraps. From functional use all the way to fashion styles, Jared covers everything on jockstraps that you need to know.You can find more underwear info in our Men’s Underwear Styles section. Be sure to check back for more installments of Underwear 101 and Boxers or Briefs!

Check out the latest installment of Underwear 101 below and make sure you subscribe to our Youtube channel and comment on the video below.

Video Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model Credit: Jared North Exclusively for The Underwear Expert


0 thoughts on “Underwear 101: Jockstrap

  1. Alan says:

    I hated having to wear jock straps in gym class in high school in the 80’s. But I love fashion jocks, I own one and am planning on expanding my collection. So many interesting fabrics to choose from: mesh, satin, lace.

  2. mark says:

    I remember getting my first jockstrap at the age of 11. Right before I hit puberty. My gym teacher told my dad I needed one because I was developing quicker than other boys. Since then I have always loved them. I do notice however I’m one of the few men in the locker room who still wear them I’ll wear them to work out, for rigorous activity, but I’ll even wear one under a suit or a tuxedo just for the fun of it. I probably have at least 75 of them. Lol.

  3. Dave Aird says:

    Love jocks of all types, particularly sports ones. Always wear one when playing / training for rugby here in the UK though I’m probably the only one that wears them…

    Sometimes wear them for work and also like wearing them in the bedroom.

  4. Justin says:

    I love fashion jocks, I like the support, the breathability, the sexy vibe and they’re comfortable too.
    They’re an oddity here in France so I’ve never dared wearing one in the locker room. I tried under my business suit once but never again, it felt way too revealing.
    I enjoy wearing them under a nice pair of jeans or chinos though and in the bedroom, and they’re my go-to underwear for lounging at home.

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