Tim Donkin Packs His Liquid Lunch For The Pool

There’s a lot to love in the new swim campaign from Lunch. The Liquid Lunch swimwear has a retro-classic aesthetic that comes through at an old-school public swimming pool. The swim briefs pull off being modern while taking you back to yesteryear. And damn it, this photoshoot will make you want to go swimming.

Photographer Jeff Camden takes model Tim Donkin to The Spring Hills Baths is Brisbane, Australia – the same city where Lunch is based. The pool opened in 1886 and is an icon to the city and still functions as a public pool. Old school change cabins are still intact around the edges. Original signage is still in place. One pointedly reads, “men are not permitted to loiter at this end of the pool.” Less to the point, yet equally blunt, is signage identifying the “Deep End” and “Shallow End”. The Underwear Expert gets into both, and we’d loiter to wait and see Tim don his Liquid Lunch.

The brand’s new Liquid Lunch swimwear is the identical twin to their Packed Lunch underwear. The swim briefs could fool you for underwear. The only difference between Lunch’s purple Liquid Lunch and Packed Lunch looks is a contrasting white center seam on the underwear. And of course, the ability to get wet. Modern touches include bold color contrasts on all tree pairs. Lunch’s signature purple comes out cute with white contrasts. Black and white is a must, and has a universal appeal. The blue with red swim brief is as classic as they come. They’re more Clark Kent than Superman, and keep with the throwback style.

The Liquid Lunch swimwear has a cut that covers no more than an underwear brief. They are on the narrow side but still wrap somewhat wide around the hips. A contoured pouch is used to give you support, and the loiters something to talk about. The athletic cut adds to the swimwear’s classic design. The swim briefs also have an athletic fit thanks to their premium Lycra build, and a lining inside the contoured pouch for support and discretion. After all, an athletic style shouldn’t give the whole game away.

Which pair of Liquid Lunch Swim Briefs do you think looks the best on Tim Donkin? What do you think of the retro aesthetic of Jeff Camden’s photoshoot? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Lunch

Photo Credit: Jeff Camden

Model: Tim Donkin, Dally’s Model Management.

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  1. John says:

    I personally like the black ones for myself. But for a bit of excitement the purple ones make him look hot enough to eat. The purple makes the pouch POP out.

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