Soak Up The Sun With Papúa

BodyAware Cape Cod Swim Short

Who doesn’t like to hang out on a tropical beach in the summer? Most people would, so let’s soak up the sun with Papúa and the hot models wearing its Sea Legend Collection.

Santiago Sepúlveda shot models Jose Miguel Nuñez, Mauricio Valdeblanquez and Juliana Díaz Rozo on a beautiful tropical beach, complete with wildlife and trees, for this Soak Up The Sun With Papúa shoot. Santiago uses a lot of texture in each photo, keeping eyes captivated from one photo to the next. The tan color of the sand, water, dead palm leaves, and tree bark appear several times throughout this shoot to contrast with the brightly colored styles and keep them the main focus. His use of the small palm tree shelter draws us in closer. No two leaves are facing the same direction, giving this shot a wild, rustic look. He also uses a lot of linear objects that cut across the image either in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal direction, giving each photo another interesting layer.

Jose and Mauricio show diversity in their poses and facial expressions. Mauricio features are highlighted by his wild beard, and his light blue linen shirt contrasts well with his skin and the swim short. Jose’s beautiful blonde hair and great build will have anyone wanting to be stranded on a beach with him.

The Sea Legend Collection was featured in the Soak Up The Sun With Papúa shoot. The Sea Of Sardina Treasure Map swim shorts and the Caspian Sea Treasure Map swim shorts are featured frequently throughout the Soak Up The Sun With Papúa shoot. The Sea of Sardina Treasure Map swim short is mostly red with pops of color and is made with a unique 3-layer design. The back pocket is cut to fit the design perfectly and hand finished. The Caspian Sea Treasure Map swim shorts are mostly blue yellow and green and are designed the same way as the Sardina. Purple Seahorse & Squid Print High-End swim short was also featured a lot throughout the Soak Up The Sun With Papúa shoot. It’s designed with the 3-layer design and hand finished. This style has a purple background and red sea horses.

Would you like to soak up the sun with Papúa? Which style of swim shorts do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below or send us a tweet at @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Papúa

Photo Credit: Santiago Sepúlveda for Papúa

Model Credit: Jose Miguel Nuñez, Mauricio Valdeblanquez, and Juliana Díaz Rozo

Sponsored by Papúa


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