Shop Talk: Royal Marine

Shop Talk: Royal Marine

Royalmarine-promo-Boxer-BriefsRoyal Marine isn’t just inspired by naval and surfing culture. The European brand was established in 2014 by a family of sailors and surfers affectionate about the sea. Just as sailing is a gentleman’s sport, Royal Marine is a gentleman’s brand. Their designs aim to communicate the very best traits of masculinity. The brand explains, “The Royal Marine man is thoughtful yet spontaneous, discreet yet intense. He lives life to the fullest, yet he remains relaxed and composed…”

The same can be said for the first line of Royal Marine underwear. The brand designs a boxer brief and boxer short, both made with premium cotton and designed with the ultimate masculine touch: a button-fly. Royal Marine values classic designs other brands would label as “old-school.” And because a gentleman is always well-dressed, Royal Marine is all about timeless designs updated for the modern man.

Royal Marine Boxer Shorts have a loose fit when compared to your average boxer briefs. But compared to common boxer shorts, many of which are woven, Royal Marine Boxer Shorts stay close to your body for a more contemporary fit. Keeping with the classic approach, the brand’s boxer briefs come in both solid and plaid designs. Royal Marine Boxer Shorts are also designed with a single-button fly, where their Boxer Briefs feature a double-button fly.

Royal Marine Boxer Briefs are currently designed in muted solid colors such as Deep Sea Blue and Army Green, as well as Concrete Grey and Black Navy. Like the boxer shorts, these are also made with modern touches. Open the button fly on the Royal White and Deep Sea Blue variations, and you’ll find a contrasting panel of plaid.

Royal Marine underwear is handmade in Europe from premium cotton grown in the United States. The high-quality cotton gives every pair of Royal Marine underwear a sense of the luxurious to back up the elegant, refined designs. They’re subdued and silently confident. Just like a Royal Marine man would be.

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