Shake Your Groove Thang In The Stardom Splash Video

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Stardom is known for their comfortable yet sexy styles that always have a pop of color. The new colorful Splash Collection is featured in the Stardom Splash Video!

This video features hot muscular models playing with a beach ball as a retro style song plays in the background. The Splash collection styles are cut low on the waist to accentuate the manly form and show off that perfect V. These classic styles are complimented by the colors on the beach ball and contrasted by the white background.

Rick Day and Steve Benisty shot this video and their vision correlates perfectly with this collection. The playful nature of the models spinning or body bumping the beach ball highlights the playful nature of the collection. The bright colors and cute cuts will have anyone wanting to volley that beach ball with you.

The Pretty Boy Brief was one of the styles featured in this video. Its cute pink, blue and white color scheme will have anyone who’s wearing it give off a cute and flirty vibe. The Royal Trunk was also featured in this video. This grey, purple and orange style will hug your body and highlight your curves.

Check out the Stardom Splash Video below.

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For more information on this brand: Stardom

Video Credit: Rick Day and Steve Benisty

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