Scot Murdock Takes A Stab At The Betones Slash Boxer

Japanese underwear brand Betones may specialize in comfortable one-size-fits-most pairs of underwear, but they sure seem to fit model Scot Murdock exceptionally well. Scot wears the Betones Slash Boxer in the exclusive Jerrad Matthew photoshoot below. It has the same lively attitude as the brand’s other pairs thanks to bold pops of color, but with a hidden edge.

The Betones Slash Boxer holds an even note by fusing a few distinct styles together. The Victorian-style print comes in bright colors, which gives the Slash Boxer a fun-meets-fancy kind of look. But what really makes the Betones Slash Boxer’s print a winning look are small skulls throughout the print. The skulls are what really kill it, and make the Slash Boxer a unique design with a wide appeal.

Jerrad shoots Scot against a gradient grey backdrop to bring out four color variations for the Betones Slash Boxer: Pink, Blue, Yellow, and Grey. The boxer places the print on top of a black underwear body to give the an effect that’s something like neon, but not quite. The grey look is an exception of course, and easily Scot’s pair with the sharpest edge. Still, the grey print is light enough to keep the Betones Slash Boxers upbeat vibe, but in a sleeker, more stylish way.

Betones underwear is made from a stretchy material, usually Nylon, that gives them a universal fit. Because of this, Betones underwear comfortably hugs the body without ever feeling restrictive or looking overly showy. The Betones Slash Boxer fits nice and snug around Scot’s rear and provides enough room to handle his package with care.

Each Betones Slash Boxer is finished with a black waistband and black trim around the legs and through the seat. The brand’s name is placed off-center on the left, and in the same color as the boxer’s print.

What Betones Slash Boxer do you think looks best on Scot Murdock? Do you like the edgy touch you get from the print’s skulls? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Betones

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Scot Murdock

Products Supplied by Betones


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