Review: Sly Toucan Boxer Brief

Item Reviewed: Sly Toucan Boxer Brief

About the product:  The Australian designed Sly Toucan boxer brief is 95% cotton and 5% elastane to ensure a tailored look.   The nicely sized pouch also has a fly.  The front right leg contains a small pocket in the front that can be used to carry protection for later in the evening.    The playful material is covered in Toucans in a fairly random pattern.   SLY is printed into the white, comfortable waistband.   White piping outlines the pouch for a masculine look.

What we like:   These boxer briefs are fun.  By mixing the pattern of a fun boxer with the style and fit of a boxer brief, Sly has designed a boxer brief that is a hit.   Both the fly and pocket in the front are nice additions and the elastic around the legs keeps the briefs from riding up the leg.

What we don’t like:   We would like to see these briefs in more colors outside of white.

Who we’d recommend them to:   We feel every guy would enjoy these boxer briefs, even if they have a different preferred style.

When we’d wear them:  Even the most conservative of guys would feel comfortable wearing these on a date or to the gym.   Less conservative guys will really like the feel and the fun pattern.   These boxer briefs work well under just about everything.

In three words:   Fun, Unique, Well-Made.


For more information on this brand: Sly

Photo Credit: Sly

Product Supplied by Sly


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