Review: Pump Shockwave Jogger

Pump Shockwave Jogger

Item Reviewed: Pump Shockwave Jogger

About the product: Consisting of 94% cotton and 6% Spandex, it features mesh pockets with its organic blend of micromesh and cotton. This trunk has contrasting neon green seams and mesh with royal blue pop colors is quite a sexy sight to behold.  It sits lower on the waist and boasts a thick 2 inch strong elastic band with the brand PUMP! embossed on it.  The pouch is well designed that can hold any size or type member and provides full coverage while being super sexy.

What we like: Everything!

What we don’t like: Not much

When we’d wear them: Jogging, a night out where you want to feel sexy underneath.

Who we’d recommend them to: Athletes, someone going on a first date.

Describe these underwear in 3 words: Sexy, Bright, Quality

Pump Shockwave Jogger

For more information on this brand: PUMP!

Photo Credit: PUMP!

Product Supplied by PUMP!


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