Review: Pump Black Beach Hood

Item Reviewed: Pump Black Beach Hood

About the product: This Hoodie-Tank ensemble is made out of 70% Nylon, 10% Cotton and 20% Spandex. The entire tank except the hood is made out of a mesh material.  While it is made out of mesh, it’s a subtle mesh.  It is not see-through at all and the mesh material is super soft.  There is no tag at the back of the neck but there is a small tag on the lower right inseam of the tank.  Also, a nice feature is a “PUMP!” plastic label tag on the lower left seam of the piece.  The hood is made out of a cotton blend that is lined on the inside with the very same mesh material of the tank.  There is also a drawstring on the hood.   It’s a round black draw string with the brand PUMP! printed on it.  At the ends of the drawstring is a shiny metal tab to prevent the drawstring from pulling itself all the way into the hood.

What we like: Quality, style, sexiness, fit.

What we don’t like: Nothing.

When we’d wear them: Any time for a night out in town, casual outings to sporting events.

Who we’d recommend them to: Guys with big muscular arms, guys that are comfortable with their physique.

Describe these underwear in 3 words: Sexy, hot, comfortable


For more information on this brand: PUMP!

Photo Credit: PUMP!

Product Supplied by PUMP!


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