Review: Oiler & Boiler Nantucket Paradise Boxer Briefs 4 pack

Item Reviewed: Oiler & Boiler Nantucket Paradise Boxer Briefs 4 pack

About the product: The Oiler & Boiler Nantucket Paradise boxer briefs come in a 4 pack that is inspired by a Nantucket-Cuban Paradise. Each pair has a unique color scheme and pattern. They each have a 1-inch mid-rising band that says “Oiler & Boiler” in large font continuously across the bands. Two pairs have white bands with the lettering in blue and the other two have blue bands with the lettering in white. The boxer briefs with white bands have plain colored material; one in Nantucket blue and the other in Nantucket Orange. They feature white contrast stitching. The pairs with the blue bands have a tropical floral print over light blue in one pair and eggshell yellow on the other. Those have blue contrast stitching. The boxer briefs have a closed-contoured, double-lined pouches. The material is made of Cotton (95%) and Elastane (5%).

What we like: The color scheme and patterns are very summery and the tropical floral prints in a kaleidoscope of color look great. The fact that they come in a four-pack make them a great option for people who want to stock up on boxers quick and at a better price. The company offers free shipping to the US.

What we don’t like: The closed contoured pouches don’t offer as much support and the cotton could be softer. The prices online are all in British Pounds so you have to do some math to convert them.

When we’d wear them: During the summer! To the Beach! On vacation to the tropics.

Who we’d recommend them to: Guys who dig the coastal spirit. Guys who want to buy a set of boxers more reasonably.

Describe these underwear in 3 words: Tropical, Coastal, Summery


For more information on this brand: Oiler & Boiler

Photo Credit: Oiler & Boiler

Product Supplied by: Oiler & Boiler


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