Review: D. Hedral Gigolo Joe II Trunk

Item Reviewed: D. Hedral Gigolo Joe II Trunk

About the Product: The D. Hedral Gigolo Joe II Trunk is a soft cotton blend fabric.   The trunks provid ample coverage for the style.  The D. Hedral patented angle-fit  technology in the rear highlights, as well as supports, the bum.  The black can be ordered with a red or silver accent in the rear. Navy comes with a silver accent.  The front of the trunks is a seamless design with additional elastane sewn around the pouch.  The waistband matches the fabric, and a tasteful logo is off center to the left.

What we like:   The y-shaped support seam in the rear makes for a fantastic looking silhouette.  These briefs are guaranteed to impress any man or woman when it comes time to drop your drawers.  Besides the angle fit seams, the D. Hedral Gigolo Joe II Trunks are a simple and elegant design with minimal sewing.  Therefore, they are an unprecedented enjoyment to wear.

What we don’t like:  The anglefit technology may be uncomfortable for some men.  They don’t come in light colors so it would be a risk to wear under white pants.

When we’d wear them: Paired with some running shorts these briefs would show off the rear elegantly.  Anytime you want to draw attention to your behind with its perfect shape.

Who we’d recommend them to:  Guys who wear custom tailored suits will appreciate the bespoke fit.  Men looking for that extra support in and shaping in the rear.

In three words: Bespoke, Tidy, Unprecedented


For more information on this brand: D.Hedral

Photo Credit: D.Hedral

Product Supplied by D.Hedral


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