Review: Croota All That Pattern 01

Item Reviewed: Croota All That Pattern 01

About the Product: The Croota All That Pattern 01 boxer briefs feature an exclusive ultra stretching fabric.  Composed of fifty-four percent polyester, thirty-five percent nylon, with the remainder being elastane.  A multi-checkered pattern is pretty much everywhere.  The Croota logo is about the bum centered on the waistband.  These boxers have a unique design created by Croota for a second skin fit.

What we like:  These undies feel like a boxer brief/boxer hybrid.  They look like you’re wearing a classy styled boxer brief.  But the Croota cut leaves just enough room in the front for the jewls to “hang out.”  Fabric is uber stretchable beyond belief while staying put for all day comfort.  All in all the feel of these boxer briefs  is very lightweight and uplifting.

What we don’t like:  The almost boxer feel may be a little lacking in support for some men.

When we’d wear them:  When you need a little extra stretch, and want something stylishly comfortable.

Who we’d recommend them to:  Active guys that appreciate classic timeless design.

In three words: Hybrid, Enduring, Weightless

For more information on this brand: Croota

Photo Credit: Croota

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