Review: Betones Festival4 Trunks Pink

Betones Festival4 Trunks Pink

Item Reviewed: Betones Festival4 Trunks Pink

About the product:  The Betones Festival4 trunks pink are designed in Tokyo and are made of a material that is quite different to the touch.  The material is 50% polyester, 40% nylon, and 10% polyurethane, and is hand printed for each trunk.   The trunk features a printed waistband, and the tag information is printed on the inside of the trunk.  The red and black geometric imprint is pleasing to the eye and is accented with black stripes in the fabric. The printed waistband has a large Betones brand name across the front of the trunk. Further the trunk folds absolutely flat, as there are no pouches or side seams

What we like:   The fit of this trunk is flattering.   It hugs and moves with the body, while providing a smooth and comfortable fit.

What we don’t like:   The tag says that the material may fade after a few washings.   This is unfortunate as the bright geometric print is one of the key features of the trunk.

Who we’d recommend them to:  Anyone can wear these trunks.  For guys with a bit more of a slim to athletic build, these trunks are extremely flattering.  For guys with a larger build, these trunks would provide support for a slimmer look.

When we’d wear them:  The Betones trunks fall into the category of barely there – with no seems or waistband, there are no lines to show.   They might be the perfect trunk under some close fitting suit pants or workout shorts.

Describe these underwear in 3 words:   Close-Fit, Flattering, Versatile


For more information on this brand: Betones

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