Review: Andrew Christian NanoFit Digital Bikini

Item Reviewed: Andrew Christian NanoFit Digital Bikini

About the product: This Andrew Christian NanoFit Bikini is a drawstring-free, ultra low cut swimsuit that sits about a quarter of an inch above your junk. The 80% nylon 20% spandex fabric features a predominantly purple, yellow, and blue digital print that is comprised of multidirectional lines and paint splatters. It is accented with vibrant yellow trim on the waistband and leg openings. There is also a yellow tag featuring the company’s logo on top of the left leg opening. It features a closed, front pouch, and high sculpted leg openings. Like the rest of the NanoFit swimwear line, it is unlined.

What we like: The bikini features the brands “anatomically correct pouch”, meaning that your package falls naturally in its soft, breathable fabric. The vertical front stitching offers an extra boost of support, too. Since this bikini looks like (and for the most part, feels like!) a pair of bikini briefs, they’re versatile—making them perfect to slip on under a pair of shorts or jeans before heading to the beach or pool!

What we don’t like: The thin, unlined fabric adds to this bikinis already provocative design, so they are best suited for the fashion-forward, exhibitionist beach-goer. Also, it’s probably best to do some serious manscaping before wearing these ultra low-rise bikinis.

When we’d wear them: To a beach party on Fire Island. Poolside in our backyard. Somewhere we want to be noticed.

Who we’d recommend them to: Toned, muscular dudes looking to make a statement.

Describe these underwear in three words: Skimpy, Trendy, Supportive


For more information on this brand: Andrew Christian

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