Put A Smile On With These 5 CheapUndies Videos

CheapUndies Videos

CheapUndies sure knows how to charm the pants off of us. These CheapUndies videos are practically guaranteed to pinch your cheeks into a grin. The videos all have a sense of humor, and some even feature familiar faces and bodies you’re bound to recognize. Whether it’s a half-naked brawl or the best pair of undies, or a new and improved version of the Happy Birthday song, these five CheapUndies videos will at brighten your in day (in a slightly dirty way).

1. Muscle Madness (w/ Willam Belli)

What happens in when it comes down to survival of the fittest and everyone involved is incredibly fit? A few minor injuries aside – and a few broken bottles over the head – and everyone walks away a winner.

2. Underwear Masquerade Ball

You’ve never seen one like this before. This masquerade isn’t about glamor or mystery, it’s about having fun. The models all hide behind different masks, including random animals, a unicorn, and two United States presidents.

3. Free Hugs: Every Day Of The Week

Remember that super cute Free Hugs movement? CheapUndies Videos got in on the close-contact fun by letting people come up and hug their models. A few girls in the video have the rightaway. Work your way down the line of models and hug each one.

4. Funniest Happy Birthday Ever: Clarinet Stripper Pole Dance

So, this happened. The next time your underwear enthusiast friend has a birthday, send them this. Singing “Happy Birthday” is so predictable now. You sit there awkwardly while people sing – but not anymore. This video should suffice for all your birthday song needs.

5. The Underwear Artist

We can’t quite tell how seriously we’re supposed to take this one, but either way, we give it points for creativity, and for letting the models break their eye candy character and endure one of the strangest and more humorous underwear videos we’ve seen in a long time.

Which of our five CheapUndies videos did you like the best? Can you play the clarinet upside down on a stripper pole? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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