Orange Underwear, Our Kind Of Pumpkin Spice

People seem to get a jump on the holidays earlier and earlier every year. Plastic jack-o-lanterns are popping up at supermarkets, and people are whispering about when their beloved pumpkin spice lattes will return to their nearest Starbucks. The Underwear Expert is following suit with this exclusive photoshoot dedicated to orange undies. So much for falling back. We’re getting a jump on Autumn style with these 9 pairs or orange underwear, worn by model Greg Lobdell.

Figuring out how to wear your orange underwear might seem as difficult as finding a word to rhyme with “orange,” but it’s not impossible. The color is uncommon enough to draw attention whenever it’s seen in fashion. And when it comes to men’s underwear, orange is seldom seen alone. Whether it’s white or black, or something more out-of-left-field, orange underwear still has the potential to be right on the money.

Summer isn’t dead yet, and Greg first models the papi Summer Mirage Brazilian Trunk. It’s hands down his brightest pair of orange underwear, designed with an orange-to-yellow gradient that brings a sunset to mind. Add an orange trim around the legs and pouch though and orange is still front and center.

Wood, aussieBum, and Bodyaware give their orange pairs a casual spin with white waistbands. The Wood Trunk in Wood Orange is about as classic as a pair of orange underwear can get. It excels with simplicity and a modest cut. aussieBum rings in everyday style with their Billy Boy Brief, also designed with white accent seams. Bodyaware’s orange look is their Italian Tanga. Think of that pair like an orange pouch held on with a thin white strap.

Male Power and PPÜ also give us sexy pairs of orange undies. The Male Power Neon Mesh Pouch Short looks discrete from a distance, but the name already gives it’s sex appeal away. The PPÜ X Jockstrap, on the other hand, could be spotted from miles away.

Betones, Skivvies, and Diëtz are also featured with orange underwear designs.  They’re suitable for everyday, but with more of an edge. Betones, for instance, throws in a cool tiger print that wraps around the entire Animal5 – Orange boxer. Skivvies’ orange Neon Trunk dresses things up with a metallic waistband. Diëtz then comes in as Greg’s sportiest pair, all thanks to a contrasting blue waistband.

How many pairs of orange undies do you own? Under what clothes to you wear your orange pairs? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: aussieBum, Betones, Bodyaware, Diëtz, Male Power, papi, PPÜ, Skivvies, Wood

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Greg Lobdell

Products Supplied by aussieBum, Betones, Bodyaware, Diëtz, Male Power, papi, PPÜ, Skivvies, Wood




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