Mourning Summer, And All That Square-Cut Swimwear

We hate to say it, but summer is dead and gone. Pretty soon we’ll be covering the latest thermal looks, underwear for Halloween and Christmas gift ideas. But before that happens, we want to look back on a few standout square-cut swimwear designs. We also want to appreciate for one last time, the summertime sexiness that is a swimwear photoshoot. Not that we ever run low on revealing pics here on The Underwear Expert. Model Matt Conrad just looks that good by a pool.

Matt models seven square-cut swimwear looks in our exclusive photoshoot below. Each has a narrow square-cut that’s still on the wider side. Not quite swim trunks and not quite swim briefs, these 2015 swimwear looks are shaped to be old-school and designed to be entirely modern. Some of the looks could even be consider sungas, or just wide-cut briefs. Either way, each square also gives a sporty twist to each pair, whether it’s main goal is to be sophisticated or bold and flashy.

2eros and Parke & Ronen feature with two square-cut swim designs suitable for a black tie pool party. For one, both design their featured swimwear with metal accents making them dressier options when stripping down at the pool. But that’s not all the classy these brand’s bring. The 2eros V02 Black Label Swimwear – Red Earth is made with one of the most handsome color choices around. It’s red swimwear that’s dark, deep and rich. Add the touches of gold and you take a dip in something dapper. The Parke & Ronen Sorrento Printed Corcovado Sunga Brief gets touches of silver, and a fashionable pattern that works off a navy/white contrast.

Jor and aussieBum both give Matt something bolder to work with. The aussieBum Aztec Swim Hipster – Toltec places its intricate pattern in an interesting way, one that draws all the attention to Matt’s form and aussieBum’s body-hugging fit. Jor’s Borneo Swim Brief makes it in because of it’s wide cut, and it’s wild pattern. It gives you a luscious display or tropical goodness, and a better reason to check Matt out from 360 degrees around.

Matt’s sportier pairs come from Cocksox and Mundo Unico. Both keep their color blocked features front and center, which in turn keeps the attention on their flattering pouches. Before summer dies, knock them dead in square-cut swimwear.

Which of the seven square-cut swimwear designs modeled by Matt Conrad do you like the most? Do you prefer your swimwear to be designed with a narrow or wider cut? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: 2erosaussieBum, Cocksox, Jor, Mundo Unico, Parke & Ronen

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Matt Conrad

Products Supplied by 2eros, aussieBum, Cocksox, Jor, Mundo Unico, Parke & Ronen


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