A Lazy Day in Hollywood With Freedom Reigns

Freedom Reigns underwear always embodies a look of youth, fitness and sport. They’re active styles and energetic designs are key elements in creating an underwear that is conducive for the gym, running, or any high-endurance outdoor activity. But Freedom Reigns underwear is also a perfect fit for those days when you just want to veg out and take some late afternoon naps in the sun.

Models Bruno Confalone & Drake Abshire definitely work hard to obtain their meticulously sculpted bodies, but every athlete needs a day off.  What better way to relax than in sexy, sporty Freedom Reigns underwear? Shot in Hollywood, the men are seen in their own personal oasis. Far from the traffic and crowds, they seek solace in a chic, modern and comfortable environment.

Sporting the Pump Low Rise Brief, the iCandy Low Rise Brief, the Low Rise Cotton + Mesh Brief and the Body Sport Jock Strap, the men are seen resting their well-oiled machines and taking advantage of a well deserved day off in Hollywood. Each piece from the Freedom Reigns underwear/jock collection fits the men perfectly, for maximum impact and a body-defining fit. Proving that Freedom Reigns is durable enough for an intense work out, and comfortable enough for a lazy day in bed. No matter what activity you participate in, you’re going to look your sexiest.

What do you think of the Freedom Reigns underwear collection? What’s your favorite brand to wear on your lazy days off? Let us in know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert

For more information on this brand: Freedom Reigns

Photo Credit: Scott Palmer

Models Bruno Confalone & Drake Abshire

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