It’s Time To Ditch Your Multipack with THE EIGHTH

Ditch your multipack undies and check out THE EIGHTH underwear. It isn’t until you try on a pair of luxurious, high quality underwear that you suddenly understand what you have been missing out on. Men, you dress head to toe in high quality clothing, so why wouldn’t you dress the most intimate part of your body with the same attention and care? Once you try a pair of quality, high-end underwear it is guaranteed you will never go back to the multipack underwear you have been wearing for way too long.

The time is now to grow up and experience a new level of comfort and style. Here is why it is time to ditch your multipack undies and invest in a high quality pair:

A Boost of Confidence


The kind of underwear a man wear says a lot about him. Seeing a guy in ill-fitting boxers that he probably picked up at the local convenience store is not exactly a turn on. If you’re spending money on getting a fresh haircut, expensive cologne, and quality clothing, what makes you think you should be wearing dollar store underwear? With a nice pair of underwear, you will have an extra boost of confidence when things start getting hot and heavy. Your significant other deserves someone who puts effort into the way they look; so don’t get caught with your pants down in anything less than the best.



High-end underwear comes in a variety of luxurious materials, including Sea Island cotton, cashmere-cotton blend and washed silk. You will literally feel the difference throughout the day with your package comfortably placed in a pair of high-end boxers. Premium underwear is made from fabrics designed specifically for your undercarriage, meaning they are breathable and provide the right support. Say goodbye to the chafing, sweating, and whatever else was going on down there with your generic multipack undies. Whether you prefer boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, long underwear, jock strap or even G-string, when it is made from quality materials, you will feel the difference.

It’s an Investment


The first thing on most men’s minds when shopping around is cost. However, just like most things in life, you get what you pay for. If you spend a little more on a nice pair of underwear made of luxurious material, then they are going to last you a lot longer than your cheaply made, multipack undies. In the long run, buying a few, high quality pieces of underwear is probably going to save you money in comparison to buying multipack after multipack of uncomfortable underwear. So, think of your newfound love for high-end briefs as a smart investment that will bring you both confidence and comfort.

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