Great Tans and Marcuse Swimwear

Marcuse Swimwear

Who doesn’t enjoy peeping at some chistled guys hanging out at the beach? This beach photoshoot for Marcuse swimwear will have you regretting that you ate that last donut.

This Russell Fleming photoshoot took place on the Gold Coast in Australia. Models Joshua Kristenson and Matt Miller strike poses and show off their cut bodies in Marcuse swimwear. These models aren’t just pretty faces on even hotter bodies, they effortlessly feed off of each other and interact well in each photo they took together. Their variety in poses just further proves the level of professionalism and skill each of these models possess. Russell uses high contrast colors in most of these shots to create a colorful, vibrance-filled composition. The beautiful blue sky contrasts with their skin well and also lifts each swimwear style right off the photo. Touches of green are seen throughout this shoot, symbolizing liveliness with each style.

Sand and the green grass provide an abundance of natural texture that Russell takes full advantage of. The small touches of grass in each photo contrasts really well with the bright blue sky and provides another layer to the image. Overall the blue background is smooth and the green grass just adds an interesting twist! The tan color and curvy texture of the sand highlights each model and the styles they’re wearing in each photo.

The 2015 swimwear collection features all snug figure, accentuating low cut styles that allow you to show off extra skin. The Rider print and sunset print are both featured in this shoot, showing how you can invite your love for lifestyle prints into your swimwear choices. If you’re a guy who prefers more simple, less busy designs, check out the Flash and Beachy briefs.The Flash is available in three colors and features a lightening bolt cutting across your manhood. The Beach brief will be prefect for the beach! The wide and narrow stripes curve around and highlight your bulge to draw eyes right where you would want them.

Which of the Marcuse Swimwear models do you think is the hottest? Which of Russell Fleming’s photographs do you like the best? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Marcuse

Photo Credit: Russel Fleming for Marcuse

Model Credit: Joshua Kristenson and Matt Miller

Sponsored by: Marcuse


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