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Lunch Swimwear has a delectable new swimwear brief just for you! This sexy and cute swim brief, appropriately dubbed Liquid Lunch, gives an exciting and sexy spin to standard swimwear. The Liquid Lunch enhancing swimwear briefs are classically styled, drawing inspiration from their underwear collection. Designed with a contoured, supportive pouch to get you proudly out front, you’re bound to make everyone at the pool and beach a little hungry.

The Liquid Lunch swimwear brief is designed to conform to the body and accentuate the male form for a look that is both masculine and confident, and yet supremely comfortable and athletic. The swimwear brief is made from premium Lycra fabric and features contrasting, “Lunch Stripes” inner lining on the front contour pouch. Another intricate detail that makes the Liquid Lunch swimwear brief so unique is the signature lunch loop tag on the front with a trim detail. The brief is available in either: Purple and White, Royal Blue and Red, or Black and White. The “Lunch” logo is discretely placed near the top of the bum, drawing just the slightest emphasis to your well-supported backside.

The Black swimwear brief with white trim and lettering is a perfect, sexy, classic look- a little black dress of bathing suits if you will. The Purple with white trim stands out amongst the crowd, with a bold personality and vibrant hue. The Royal Blue and Red option embodies a sporty, masculine, athletic look. Each color is combination is attention-grabbing, fun, and sexy!

Which pair of Liquid Lunch Swim Briefs do you like best? What do you think of the enhancing contour pouch? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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