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Just because the Malebasics Camo Collection is moisture wicking doesn’t mean you need to break a sweat while wearing its underwear. Malebasics’ modern vision of a camo print is masculine and trendy, yet it keeps camouflage’s rough-and-tumble attitude. With that in mind, we wanted to assemble a look that’s active in appearance yet stylish and casual. We start this weeks Complete The Look: Malebasics with their new Camo Hip Brief ($28).



Starting out with the Malebasics Camo Hip Brief (1), you get an active-fitting pair of underwear made with a masculine design. Camo brings the outdoors to mind, and with it, activity. But the particular camo print that Malebasics came up with is so trendy, you may be tempted to save it for your off days from the gym. That’s why our next item is trendy and casual.

The Helmut Lang ‘Core’ Cropped Fleece Shorts (2) have a modern drop-crotch design that may not be for everyone, but they make an urban and up-to-date alternative to shorts during the summer. This pair also happens to be one of the more stylish ones. Cargo pockets add to the pant’s utility look.

Echoing our underwear’s military roots, we then add the army green Topman Surfer Tank Top (3). It has a dark shade that’s popular this season but would also transition well into fall. It has a comfortable loose cut, just like our pants, and almost resembles a muscle shirt. This gives our shirt an active edge, where our pants have an urban touch.

We choose the Wulrich ‘Strand’ Sneaker (4) for the same reason we chose our tank top: the color. This shoe has a tan shade that remembers the earth tones our camouflage underwear came from. They also have dark laces and a white sole for an upbeat, casual contrast.

Next we finish our everyday look with two flashy yet casual accessories. Both happen to pack a punch of dark military green. The BOSS Orange Round Nylon Strap Watch, 50mm (5) has a masculine design that one the dressier side. We like the metal strap but a more active one would do just as well. A better-suited wallet would be harder to find. The Ben Minkoff ‘Vesper’ Wallet (6) has an army green color and sporty stripes in black and white.

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Photo Credit: Malebasics, Nordstroms

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