Come Hither Comfort: Bodyaware Cotton Rib Brief And Sports Tank

Bodyaware Cotton

The new Bodyaware Cotton Rib Brief and Sports Tank are made from 100% cotton and have flattering fits that show off your physique. With these new looks, your comfortable at-home attire doesn’t have to be loose and ill-fitting. Instead, the ribbed cotton fabric used for both has a body-hugging fit that’s so lightweight you still feel free, but with a sexy, striking fit.

The Bodyaware Cotton Rib Brief ($14.95) comes in Black, Pink, and Charcoal. It’s designed with a European turned-over edge and has a narrow silhouette that comes close to a square cut. The seamless front and back add to the brief’s ribbed cotton design, and keep the ribbed fabric’s comfort wrapping around your figure. The design also features a small Bodyaware logo patch on the left hip. It’s a casual look with more sex appeal than the average weekday.

The Bodyaware Sports Tank ($21.95) comes in the same color options and is made from the same ribbed cotton material. It features a scoop neck line to show off your chest muscles and narrow straps that connect to the athletic-style back. This creates something like a collar for the tank top, and gives it a distinct fashionable flair. The athletic back is also narrow and makes room to expose your shoulders.

The Bodyaware Cotton Rib Brief and Sports Tank are available in sizes S – 2XL.

Which color option for the Bodyaware Cotton Rib Brief do you find the most appealing? What do you think of the Sports Tank’s athletic style back? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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