Blake Postma Proves White Briefs Can Still Be Red Hot

If you think white underwear will forever look unattractive, take another look. This TUX exclusive photoshoot by Jerrad Matthew catches model Blake Postma lying on a bed wearing nothing but pairs of white briefs. And for one moment, he wears nothing at all. Shot in black and white, this is the tasteful, artistic side of white underwear, but not too tasteful.  There’s no ignoring Blake’s boy-next-door sex appeal.

A lot of what makes Blake’s white briefs sexy, rather than bland, are the fabrics they’re made from. A white brief will almost always look boring at first glance – unless there is something interesting and/or sexy to steal all the attention. A white brief is like a blank slate, and brands that use transparent materials or classy accents save them from becoming too basic.

The first two white briefs Blake models come out of Jor and Clever, respectively. Both Colombian brands give their white briefs something to talk about with transparent fabrics. Jor uses a sexy mesh for their Net Modern Sports Mesh Brief that covers the entire look except for the pouch. The Clever Spinel Latin Brief is less transparent and more classy than athletic. Rather than use sports mesh, Clever uses a patterned nylon microfiber for the entire brief. Once you add a metallic waistband above that, you’re not wearing a white brief, but a sexy pair of underwear.

The other three pairs Blake models are designed by Gregg Homme, Male Power, and Rufskin, and all use a touch of black – white’s soulmate – to give their white briefs a slightly more casual attitude, but not too casual. Gregg Homme’s white Martini Brief is designed with black seams featuring a white dotted line detail to dress it up just a touch. Male Power uses their black just for the waistband. It’s bold for sure, and balances out the even bolder transparent patterned white body.

Rufskin designs the most classic pair Blake finds himself in. It’s a solid white brief with a black waistband. You can’t see through it, which makes it the most versatile of his pairs. But that everyday style doesn’t mean it isn’t sexy. Blake Postma can pull off the look, which makes it even more appropriate when he actually does “pull off” the look.

Are you guilty of holding onto your white briefs? If you own white underwear, are they mostly sexy pairs, or something more casual? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: Clever, Gregg Homme, JOR, Male Power, Rufskin

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Blake Postma

Products Supplied by Clever, Gregg Homme, JOR, Male Power, Rufskin


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