Betones NEON3, One-Size Stripes That Strike

The new Betones NEON3 Line ($24.99) is designed with a fresh take on casual stripes, and keeps the Japanese brand’s flair for fun and upbeat pairs of underwear. Like the rest of Betones’ underwear designs, the NEON3 trunks are made from a soft and stretchy nylon-based material to provide a fit that’s body-hugging yet comfortably non-restrictive. But unlike most of Betones’ underwear, the neon NEON3 pairs are designed with more of a modern edge.

Available in Black, Blue, Purple, and Navy, the Betones NEON3 underwear places the brand name off-center on the waistband and in the same color as the underwear’s accent stripes. The Black and Blue pairs are both accented with a panel of pink around the center. The Navy pair is accented with red, and the Purple pair is accented with light blue. The waistband, leg trim, and stripes are applied in the underwear’s color option.

The black/pink contrast on the Black pair of Betones NEON3 underwear gives it just a little edge while keeping things bright and bubble, like Betones usual does. The Blue pair of Betones NEON3 takes the pink contrast for a different spin that looks sweet and sugary. The navy/red and purple/blue contrast have less of a punch and more of an everyday appeal.

Betones Underwear comes in one size fits all.

What pair Betones NEON3 underwear do you think has the best looking color contrasts? How does Betones underwear fit you? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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