It’s Back! Take a Look At the Andrew Christian Urban Dictionary Challenge 2

Love Blackspade's Mood 2

Join in the fun! The Andrew Christian Urban Dictionary Challenge 2 features new terms that these hot Andrew Christian models have to try and decipher.

Spoiler alert: the terms were all much dirtier than the boys thought they would be. This fun game really gives you a glance into how each model’s brain works. Not knowing what words like a “blumkin” mean and being totally disgusted with the true meaning is enough to have anyone giggling. This video also features new Andrew Christian model Drae Axtell. This sexy trophy boy has an athletic build and gorgeous eyes. Check him out here!

Topher DiMaggio, Drae Axtell and Pablo Hernandez are all sporting Andrew Christian styles. The Playa Swim Shorts, Sports Mesh Swim Shorts and the Hotness Jogger were all featured in this video. Check out the Andrew Christian Urban Dictionary Challenge 2 below.

Do you think the Andrew Christian models did well at the Urban Dictionary Challenge 2? Do you consider yourself a Urban Dictionary aficionado? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Andrew Christian

Video Credit: Andrew Christian

Model Credit: Drae Axtell, Pablo Hernandez, and Topher DiMaggio

Sponsored by Andrew Christian


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