Workout In Style and Luxury With Tani

Workout In Style and Luxury With Tani

Do you like the plush life? If you’re living a classy lifestyle, why not workout in style and luxury with Tani? Tani is known for its ultra soft and highly technologically functioning styles that will keep you dry and smelling great.

The Activemode Workout Shirt will take your workout to another level of class. Tani uses a Japanese fiber that will protect you from odor by absorbing odor-causing stuff and eliminating the smell at the source of the problem. Their anti-odor protection is guaranteed to last for as many washes as you put it through, so continue your fierce workouts and sweat even harder without anxiety about smelling bad. To top it off, this shirt is also very soft and will retain its shape after washing.

Show off your growing muscles with the Airfit Muscle Shirt while feeling luxurious. This shirt’s fabric is a special piqué knit that weaves micro fibers into a strong and surprisingly soft product. This fabric is so great that it will absorb or disperse up to 50% more moisture than cotton. This shirt will also eliminate odor and bacteria with every wear. So let this shirt work as hard as you do, or at the very least, try to keep up with this shirt.

Live in the lap of luxury with the Freeform Trunk. This is the first of its kind; it has no binding or hem on the leg openings, and it will still prevent riding up, bunching and crimping. The fabric lays perfectly against your skin and allows you the freedom to move in any way you wish without restriction. This fabric is also naturally moisture wicking and fit for a king. It will move with you as you get your sweat on.

Do you like to workout in style and luxury with Tani styes? What’s your favorite exercise to do in Tani styles? Let us know in the comments below or tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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