Wood Striate Fires Up With Armando Adajar

Wood Striate

The Wood Striate Line is the Wood you’ve been waiting for. The American brand is dedicated to serving up underwear for the man’s man: stuff that’s comfy, supportive, casual, durable – and all delivered at the proper price. Their handsome, solid underwear is well-made and well-fitted. But now we get to see the fun side of Wood. Aside from their various camo prints — Digital, Liquid and Forest — the Wood Striate Line is this brand’s first step toward something colorful. And with four unique color variations, that step is more of a leap.

Working with model Arad Winwin, photographer Armando Adajar captures the Wood Striate Line in a four-photo series featuring the Striate Line. The two men pair up to showcase the collection’s stripes cut into Wood’s boxer brief design.

Arad poses indoors, his chiseled chest cast in a soft, intimate lighting. It’s a setup that, despite Arad’s unquestionably amazing body, puts all eyes on his underwear. As that soft lighting drips dimly down his figure, the Wood Striate Line’s wildly vivid colors — Purple, Orange, Aqua, and Midnight — pop in a unique and eye-catching way. The wooden striations use colorful contrasts and curve around every inch of Arad, further accentuating his waist, thighs, rear, and front. Everything’s shapely enough. You may find yourself wishing Adajar had shed some light on other bits and pieces.

But overall the photoshoot sticks to Wood’s aesthetic: comfy, cozy, mature and masculine. And really, their Striate Line does the same. This lineup brings out the brand’s more adventurous side, but it also solidifies their commitment to eco-friendly production standards. The stripes in the Striate Line mirror the striations of a tree trunk, and wood-derived fabrics are one Wood’s calling cards. We can only hope Adajar and Arad will soon be one as well. We wouldn’t mind seeing more of them.

Which color variation from the Wood Striate Line do you think looks best on Arad? Are boxer briefs your preferred style of Wood? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Wood

Photo Credit: Armando Adajar for Wood

Model: Arad Winwin

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