Wood You Like To See Wood in the Lace Fashion Show?

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The Lace Lingerie & Swimwear show travels to different cities and showcases local swimwear, underwear and lingerie designers’ collections for industry influencers, local fashion market, stylists, press and retailers. In the video below, we see Wood in the Lace Fashion Show 2015. Lace is also known for making charitable contributions to charities such as Carolina Breast Friends and Jill’s Wish.

Wood’s models strut their stuff through the throng of people lined up to peep at what Wood has to offer. They showcase a healthy mix of trunks, boxer briefs and brief. They feature their classic trunk in a few different colors such as navy, yellow, black and also in the fun forest camo print. The colors featured in the boxer brief are hermosa blue, and wood orange. They only have a brief in the forest camo print.

Dezebanks Photography did a really good job with the video. The quality is good and so is the sound. The models seem very confident walking in Wood Underwear, some even interact with the audience. Check out Wood in the Lace Fashion Show 2015:


Did you like seeing Wood in the Lace Fashion Show? Which model do you want to see strut his stuff again? Let us know in the comments below or by tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Wood

To find out more about The Lace Lingerie & Swimwear Show click here.

Photo Credit: Wood and Dezebanks Photography

Video Credit: Dezebanks Photography

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  1. babu ramadhan says:

    i would like to make an order for some of your under wears, i am in uganda and i want to know whether you can be able to send my shipment to uganda

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