Watch: The Making Of Clever Underwear

Making of Clever Underwear

Ever wondered about the making of Clever underwear? The brand is based in Colombia, and has been providing men with sexy, flashy underwear since 2004. And while they may fit like a dream, these pairs of underwear don’t appear with the wave of a wand (although, that would admittedly be pretty cool). There’s a good amount of labor that goes into the making of Clever underwear. From picking the fabric to packaging the underwear, this short clip will inform you all about the making of Clever underwear, and makes you appreciate their pairs that much more.

Once the fabric is chosen for a particular pair in the making of Clever underwear, it’s cut, sewn, and assembled by hand. In the video, one of the more interesting bits shows how Clever waistbands are made. Their waistbands come in a long piece of fabric before they’re stitched onto an underwear body. That longer piece is then cut down to size – imagine cutting Bubble Tape into normal-sized sticks of gum.

Another shining moment from the clip shows one of Clever’s employee’s cutting away excess string with a pair of scissors. Not that we expected to ever get underwear with frayed details, but it’s nice to actually see the work and effort put into each pair of Clever underwear. With a manufacturing process that’s done mostly by hand, you get a better attention to detail, and thus, better underwear.

Were you at all surprised to see how Clever underwear is made? Is your favorite pair of Clever underwear something you can see-through, something sporty, or a blend of the two? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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