Why Tommy John’s Comfort Is A Winning Formula

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Men everywhere are crushing hard on Tommy John. The brand’s popularity spread from word of mouth and into our underwear drawers. It was their solution-focused products that reinvented men’s underwear. When it comes to underwear, Tommy John can be summed up by one word: comfort. At the end of the day, that’s all we need our underwear to be. That’s why the Tommy John you love focuses on fit, function and fabric before anything else.

One of the first things men notice when pulling on their Tommy John underwear is the Stay Put Waistband. It keeps the underwear in place without pinching and leaving marks on your waist. But that noticeable Tommy John comfort is best felt through their contoured pouch. It’s supportive, comfortable and prevents you from having make awkward adjustments during the day. The same could be said for their socks’ Invisigrip Technology and longer Stay Tucked cut of their undershirts. But all that Tommy John comfort wouldn’t be half as good without impressive functionality.

Tommy John’s Quick Draw Fly could be the most innovative function to come out of the brand. The horizontal opening allows for easy access when nature (or anyone else) calls. But it’s their socks that are really all about function. A zoned ventilation panel and Y-heel bring that ideal Tommy John comfort to your feet. Tommy John undershirts are also designed with a streamlined fit that makes them more invisible under clothes.

Of course, Tommy John’s premium fabric is what holds this all together. The material is designed to keep you cool and dry while providing a fit that contours comfortably to your frame. It’s soft and lightweight, just the way you want your base layers to be. The fit, function and fabric of your underwear shouldn’t be hard to get right. But there’s a reason Tommy John has succeeded addressing men’s underwear problems: Fit + Function + Fabric = Tommy John Comfort.

Are one of the men who has been won over by Tommy John’s comfortable underwear and undershirts? Or do you own more Tommy John socks than anything else? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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