How Tommy John Re-invented Your Underwear Drawer

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Nothing speaks louder than word of mouth, and underwear brand Tommy John has an impressive buzz about it. Their products were featured on Howard Stern, in Esquire, even in The New York Times. But Tommy John is miles from being all talk. The buzz surrounding the brand wasn’t about who was modeling the underwear, or how flashy the pair could be – it was all about how Tommy John re-invented not just men’s underwear, but even our undershirts and dress socks.

The big thing about comfort, when it’s done right, is that it takes underwear off your mind. You don’t worry about it riding up or pinching your waist, or your undershirt coming untucked. So chances are when you discovered Tommy John, you didn’t think about how you felt so darn comfortable. Tommy John re-invented men’s undergarments by designing solution-focused products.

One way Tommy John re-invented men’s underwear was with their horizontal Quick Draw Fly design and 360-degree stretch fabric. Tommy John re-invented dress socks by combining an adjustable length with a stay-up cuff. And when Tommy John re-invented undershirts, they gave their shirts extra length and a tapered fit to stay invisible.

Check out all the other ways Tommy John re-invented men’s underwear, from your shoulders to your toes, in the Tommy John Re-Invented clips below.

Are you one of the men with Tommy John in their underwear drawer? How did Tommy John re-invent your style? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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