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Marco Marco Underwear is miles from bland and lightyears from boring. To put it simply, the designer’s aesthetic is unconventional, bold – and when see-through materials are thrown into the mix – provocative. But no matter how tempting or suggestive Marco Marco Underwear can be, it never feels full-on erotic. It’s too fun for that. Instead, Marco Marco likes to focus on wild, fashionable design rather than straight sex appeal. Maybe that’s why their runway shows feature drag queens rather than porn stars, like a certain brand we don’t need to name.

Marco Marco Underwear thinks outside the boxer not just with their briefs, but with some of the loudest men’s leggings around. Marco Marco leggings are usually spotted in certain settings like a dance club or a Pride Parade. They’re looks you wear when you’re in full swing party mode. You essentially start with a mesh-back brief – we’ll get back to those – and go crazy with it, all the way down to your ankles. The Geo Spiral, Pink Spiderweb, and Spiderweb Spectrum leggings are all designed with bright neon splashes guaranteed to direct attention your way. But it’s the revealing black mesh accents that keep attention on you, and put it in a chokehold.

Marco Marco Underwear also includes several brief designs, most of which have mesh backs. And like Marco Marco’s leggings, these pairs are also in party mode. Marco Marco Mesh-Back Blacklight Briefs do what you’d expect them too. Where there’s color there’s a glow-in-the-dark distraction. And where there isn’t, there’s your own skin. The Geometric Brief, one of Marco Marco’s latest releases, is also designed with a one-two punch of mesh and neon. It’s far from the norm, unless of course your norm is a little bit naughty and lot of style.

How many pairs of Marco Marco would The Underwear Expert find in your drawer? Do you prefer your Marco Marco underwear to have bold colors, or see-through fabrics? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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