teamm8’s M8 Of July: Virginio Damo

teamm8’s M8 Of July: Virginio Damo

24-year-old Virginio Damo had a cut body, striking features, and is teamm8’s M8 Of The Month for July. He entered the modeling world just one year ago, and is determined to make it big. He’s already on his way having been signed by Miami-based agency Front Management. He’s also expected to lock down a contract in his home country of Holland in the near future.

Virginio Damo has found happiness while aiming for the top. In his interview, he explains to teamm8 that his long-term goal is to become a supermodel – something he’s pursued for a year: “I’m finally in a career I love to actually do which also requires me to be fit! That’s basically my life complete! In saying that, it is a harsh world out there so I’ve learnt to be strong, confident and above all, be myself and simply love life.”

Like previous M8s Of The Month, Virginio’s work ethic is also something to be admired. His personal motto is “just to be a dream chaser, dedicated, healthy, disciplined, family man, sportsman, and cherish every moment.”

Virginio Damo also reveals he will do anything it takes to reach his goal. He maintains a strict diet, and doesn’t drink alcohol or use drugs. He just drinks water and works out everyday to maintain that muscular form of his. Virginio says “…competition is really big out there, and I always have it in my head that if I’m not working hard, someone else is, and so that’s something that keeps me going.”

Virginio poses in teamm8’s Medal Brief, Classic Brief, and lucky us, their Dash Swim Brief. His photoshoot by Martijn Smouter captures him in a variety of poses, making it even easier to see how hard work pays off with a slamming rock hard body. With photos by the pool, in the water, and under the shade of a tree, we can taste Virginio’s intrigue and how captiving he can be. Someone who’s as talented and determined as he is destined for greatness. And being this handsome also helps.

Which teamm8 style do you like best on Virginio Damo? Who is your favorite M8 Of The Month so far this year? Let us know in the comments below or by tweet us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Martijn Smouter for teamm8

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