Tani FreeForm: No Bindings, Just A Form Fit

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The Tani FreeForm Collection includes your three staple underwear styles and a V-neck undershirt, each made to be moisture wicking and provide a luxurious fit. Both the Extra Long Staple Cotton blend (12% elastane) and the Micro Modal AIR blend (14% elastane) provide the flattering sleek fit of performance underwear. But unlike performance underwear, these special materials require no bindings, and give you a truly second skin fit.

The Tani FreeForm Trunk ($50) and V-Neck Undershirt ($75) are both made with blends of Micro Modal AIR. Their construction does away with hems and seams entirely, yet miraculously lies flush on your skin every time. The fabric is knitted in such a way that the legs can be sheared off to leave a raw, yet form-fitting edge. Designed to never roll or bundle, they make invisible base layers under any kind of attire. The Tani FreeForm Trunk is also designed with a soft, Jacquard waistband. Both are available in Black and White, with the FreeForm V-Neck exclusively offered in a tasteful Nude.

The Tani Freedom Cotton Trunk ($50) and Cotton Simple Trunk ($50) are made from blends using Extra Long Staple Cotton from the Sea Islands – some of the finest cotton in the world. Like the FreeForm Collection’s micro modal looks, these are also designed without any hems or seams. The blend uses a slighter higher percentage of elastane to give the cotton that extra stretch, and the same modern, sleek fit. Like the collection’s trunk, the Cotton Trunk is designed with a Jacquard waistband. The Cotton Simple Trunk differs with its fabric-wrapped waistband. Both the FreeForm Cotton Trunk and Cotton Simple Trunk come in Black, White, and Dark Grey. Like the others, these also have raw edges for a totally smooth finish.

The Tani FreeForm Collection is available in sizes S – XXL.

Which material from the Tani FreeForm Collection would you benefit the most from having? Is there a design that caught your eye quicker than the rest? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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