Sneak Peek Of The New Freedom Reigns Video

There’s a new Freedom Reigns video coming soon to a screen near you. But we at The Underwear Expert are much too impatient for that. So in the meantime, we decided to treat you to a sneak peek. If you enjoyed our exclusive Freedom Reigns video, you’re going to love the new one. Where our exclusive featured some of Freedom Reigns’ 2015 swimwear and apparel, the new Freedom Reigns video will also throw in Tech-Fit Shorts and iCandy underwear into the mix.

The brand’s team of models is back for the new Freedom Reigns video. This time they’re heading to Malibu, land of sun, sand, and, when you’re wearing Freedom Reigns, a healthy dose of sex appeal. Piecing together the images from our sneak peek below, it looks like the models roll up in a Ferrari convertible wearing Freedom Reigns active apparel. We catch a glimpse of the ultra trendy G-Force Cropped Pants and even a Body Sport Mesh Tank. But that tank is the only top in sight. The rest is shirtless goodness, prime for a tan.

The Freedom Reigns next stop is an outdoor lounge. Which makes sense – who wouldn’t want to stretch their enormous muscles after a road trip? The guys change into their Tech-Fit looks, underwear and shorts alike. But this stop is brief, because these guys are ready to put their Freedom Reigns swimwear to good use.

We’re guessing the new Freedom Reigns video will be, for the most part, a daydream set at the beach. We’re given nothing but swim briefs and muscles to feast our eyes on. We get shots of the ripped guys basking on the rocky shoreline. We even get goggles and a surfboard. This makes us think the new Freedom Reigns video will have more action than our steamy exclusive.

We can’t be sure when the iCandy Collection of underwear comes into play. Is it after the guys are spent from a sun-soaked day in the water. Or is it their idea of unwinding before getting wet and wild? You’ll have to check back when the new Freedom Reigns video is released to find out.

Did our sneak peek get you excited for the new Freedom Reigns video? What Freedom Reigns looks are you most anxious to see in action? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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  1. Steve Ehasz says:

    I recently ordered a pair of Freedom Reigns Body Sport Workout shorts in size Medium, however the company sent me a size small. I have been attempting to contact them via email and as of today I have no solution to their error.
    Very Dissappointed with Freedom Reigns!!

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