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Sheath is an underwear brand dedicated to the functionality and comfort of every pair of boxer briefs they produce. They’ve created a garment that works with you while you’re working hard.

Sheath was launched in 2013 after a very successful Kickstarter campaign. The company then wanted to improve upon their original product, and relaunched a Kickstarter campaign the following year that successfully funded the Sheath 2.0 new and improved boxer brief.

Each style is hand crafted from a cotton/elastane blend that hugs your form and moves with your body throughout every wear. All sports are welcomein Sheath boxer briefs! The pouch supports and holds your boys right where you want them throughout any strenuous activity. The pouch will also keep your boys comfortable by sitting right where they should naturally and the lip curves under you for a better fit.Sheath makes sure their underwear can keep up with you. These styles are designed to reduce heat, avoid sticking, and to wick away unwanted sweat. The specially designed pouch also prevents the need for constant readjustment while you’re on the go.

The Sheath boxer brief has a classic boxer brief look with a great performance edge. They’re available in lotus white, excalibur blue, samurai red, ninja black, and katana gray. Sheath also offers each color in singles, twin packs, and five packs in either one solid color or multi-color packs.

The Sheath boxer briefs are available in sizes S – XL and sizes XXL and XXXL are available in Black Singles only.

What do you think of the Sheath boxer briefs functionality? How important is it for underwear brands to engineer designs with your optimal comfort in mind? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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  1. Heavy Sac says:

    I’ve been wearing Sheath Underwear for about a year now. I can’t say enough about Sheath’s fit and comfort. As one reviewer on a podcast said, “Got balls? Try Sheath Underwear.” That’s it in a “Nutshell”. I was blessed, or cursed, with an above average set of low hangers. Finding testicular comfort in a pair of underwear has been a constant search for me for years. Most boxer briefs with ample room for my goods had me looking like the front-on view of an elephant head. Not the look I was going for in the business world. Sheath’s internal pouch offers a place for my sac that offers comfort and support without a huge embarrassing bulge. Yes, I still show a bulge but it’s one that’s OK in the workplace. Now that I’ve replaced my collection of failed experiments with my new favorite underwear, my need for readjusting during the day is all but gone. When putting them on in the morning inserting my twig and berries into the pouch is necessary. I immediately feel the support I’ve been looking for without any binding.
    In reading other reviews, I’ve seen men complaining about slipping out of the pouch. That happens on occasion. If it’s cold out and you’re balls are riding high and tight then they may slip out. At that point your body is giving you all the support you need. Later when you warm up you can do a quick readjustment and you’re cradled once again.
    Giving Sheath Underwear a shot at supporting your goods, if you’ve got the balls, is a decision you won’t regret.

  2. Karl Zimmerman says:

    This review is right on for those of us that have a little extra. The pouch allows me to place my ‘twig’ sideways and I don’t have that big bulge showing and the “berries” remain supported. No sitting on yourself or sticking to the side of your leg. Every guy wants to be hung like a horse but you really don’t understand the drawbacks; no joke and no brag. Thanks, love the Sheath 2.0 and the quality is excellent.

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